I’m the healthiest I felt in a long time.

Coming to see Dr. Leblanc was the best part of my post op care.  I believe that every patient should be seen by her.  She has fixed my pain.   My interaction with her has been phenomenal.  I didn’t receive this level of care from any other provider.  She connects on a completely different level; deeper than any other connection I've had with any other provider. Her humor placed me at ease. She completely understood everything I was going thorough.  She was always more than willing to invest the time with me.  I never felt rushed in any way. She helped me march through the cancer treatment and recovery without trepidation.  I marched through the cancer treatment process with certainty because of her guidance every step of the way.  I was able to take the treatment one day at a time without fear.  I put my faith in my treatment team.  Furthermore, she helped create an exercise program for me.  The exercises gave me a reason to get out of the house when I was depressed and barely felt like getting out of bed.  It improved my energy and mood.  I was able to refocus my attention on my health in a different way.  It helped me build my self -confidence,  contribute to my overall wellness and release my stress.  It allowed me to feel less like a patient and more like a person.  I’ve lost weight, I’ve built muscle, I’m sleeping better, and I feel more energized. I’m the healthiest I felt in a long time.  I know another person with the same diagnosis and treatment course who was treated at the same time as me.  But he did not see Dr. Le Blanc.  He suffers from serious depression, malnutrition, failure to thrive and chronic pain.  This could have been my story.  I’m so grateful that I received care from Dr. Le Blanc.  I believe everyone would benefit from her care. 

Tim C.

New Jersey

She was my guardian angel

She truly was my guardian angel.  She takes amazing care of me.  She is an absolute authentic, gentle soul. She has unbelievable wisdom.  The depths of her knowledge is so deep yet filled with compassion. That was my first impression of her and my experience has only reinforced this view.


Audrey R.


That referral to Dr. Le Blanc was the best thing to ever happened to me

I had never been sick in my life until being diagnosed with stage 3B colon cancer in August of 2008. Since then, I've been diagnosed with bladder cancer, kidney disease, a heart attack, to mention a few of my post-cancer complications. Everything changed when my pain management Doctor announced he was retiring. He told me not to worry he had a special young doc to help me with all my problems. That referral to Dr. Le Blanc was the best thing to ever happened to me since I began my cancer journey!!! Dr. Le Blanc is a very charming, intelligent, wise and worldly doctor. Her knowledge of Medicine goes far beyond anything I've experienced in 67 years of life. Whether it be nutrition, positive thinking, regular medical treatment or experimental, Dr. Le Blanc has it covered. When you mix her glowing compassion with her wisdom you cannot find a better human being, let alone a doctor. I often tell her that " you are a very special person and doctor"- and I do not give out compliments very easily. She is always thinking of her patients both inside and outside the box. When I recently remarked about how my wife began looking at food sources to fight and stop cancer, Dr. Le Blanc immediately began questioning and admitted that how nutrition and psyche plays a room in illness. I mentioned Joel Osteen helped me get through my cancer and she immediately wanted to discuss how. Wow, talk about a doc who wants to know all the bases. I cannot speak any higher nor recommend any better doctor than Dr. Le Blanc.

Anthony C.


Dr. Le Blanc is the best at what she does! The pain immediately disappeared!

Dr. Le Blanc is the best at what she does!  I was seriously having the worse pain I have ever experienced in my life in my lower back.  It was so bad that it woke me up from a nap.  I couldn't even roll over in bed.  It even hurt to take a deep breathe. I was on a cruise and didn't know if I would be able to get through the rest of my long awaited family vacation. After one treatment session with Dr. Le Blanc, I was immediately able to get out of bed without pain.  The pain immediately disappeared!  She opened my eyes to how my emotions were having an effect on my body and gave me instructions on how to maintain my health. I also appreciate that even though I presented with a specific symptom, she took a holistic approach to her care of me by helping me identify emotional stressors contributing to my pain.  I am incredibly grateful that I was able to receive treatment at the hands of Dr. Le Blanc. Thanks to Dr. Le Blanc, I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation without skipping a beat!  It ending up being the best vacation ever!  

Lois H.


I woke up feeling like a new person

When I saw Dr. Le Blanc, I was suffering from anxiety.  For days, I had been experiencing heart palpitations and poor sleep.  I hadn't been able to focus or get anything done.  I felt completely overwhelmed and stressed out.  My heart is filled with grateful for the healing I experienced.  Her treatment session was so powerful that I was sweating, not because the room temperature but because I could feel the energy being moved from where it had been previously blocked.  I was experiencing an energy clearing, a full body detoxification.  Immediately after my session, my heart finally slowed down for the first time in days and I was able to take deep breaths without feeling restricted. I slept well and the next morning, I woke up feeling like a new person.  I also appreciated her keen insight on the root causes of these symptoms. I am so grateful for her wise and compassionate care that I was moved to tears after experiencing a session with Dr. Le Blanc.  As an energy healer myself, I give my highest recommendation to Dr. Le Blanc.

Courtney C.


My session with Dr. Le Blanc worked better than a percocet!

I had the best treatment session with Dr. Le Blanc!!!  I am a colon cancer survivor and a busy mom of three.  I have been having recurrent knee pain that can be debilitating at times.  It's hard to have down time to heal with three kids.  In addition, I live in fear that every ache and pain may signify a recurrence of my cancer.  My treatment session with Dr. Le Blanc provided immediate pain relief.  Before my session, my knee pain had gotten so bad the days before that I had to take some narcotic pain meds which I reserve only for the worst pain.  My session with Dr. Le Blanc worked better than a percocet!  I was completely pain free!  In addition, Dr. Le Blanc also provided some energy fortification treatment to help maintain my health and provided reassurance. This meant the world to me as a cancer survivor.  Because of her care, I am able to keep up with my kids and create fun memories playing with them.

Constance F.


I finally felt like myself again

Thank you, Dr. Mo, for your help. Yesterday I was really struggling with processing through a lot of emotions and changes in my body that were giving me a migraine and making me nauseated. I had seen other healers and was regularly doing emotional release work on myself to alleviate the underlying emotional problems, yet I wasn’t able to fully let go of them until you came along and worked on me. I really appreciate how quickly you were able to help my body to balance itself. I was so much better after you worked on me that my migraine and nausea went away COMPLETELY and IMMEDIATELY. I was able to continue on with my evening joyfully with clear focus. I finally felt like myself again! Thank you, again, for what you did. 

Cheryl L.